Armor is protective body covering used to prevent injury in combat.

Since the player is a member of the Culter Dei and E.Y.E, they have limited playable armor and can only use Culter Dei armors and Jian Shang Di armors (only during some missions for them however), other armor and clothing of non-player characters are non-playable.

The player can change their armor type, light, medium and heavy, at any Armory.


Light armor consumes less energy when sprinting, increase your chances of successfully sneaking but it is the weakest armor in terms of protection.

Medium armor is a balance between light and heavy armor.

Heavy armor consumes energy much faster when sprinting, slows the player down, decrease your chances of successfully sneaking but offers the best protection avalaible. Since this armor increases your weight, seemingly harmless falls may be fatal.


  • It's possible to Research Z.O.B.13, which will increase armor efficiency.
  • Combine light armor with high levels of Cyber Legs make your movement very silent and fast, and you can fall from almost any height harmlessly.


Playable armorEdit

NPC armor and clothingEdit