Pic bosco
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyVery Good
Rate of fireSlow

High Damage
Wall Piercing

Space Occupied2x4

The B.O.S.C.O Really 911 or simply B.O.S.C.O is a .308 semi-automatic sniper rifle with a built-in sound suppression system.


The B.O.S.C.O had its time of glory among the assassins guilds during the Dark Ages, thanks to its medium rate of fire, its powerful rounds and its very efficient silencer, with an overall length of 1200 mm, a barrel length of 900 mm, a weight of 7500 g and a maximum effective range of 1000 m. It also has atypical mounting rails along the top, normally the traditional place for the scope of a sniper rifle. As the plasma-induced weapons began to rise, the B.O.S.C.O became outdated and slowly abandoned, even if some assassins still enjoyed its maneuverability and continued to use it.

Its great accuracy and efficiency in medium to long-ranged assassination operations was never topped, and since the Metastreumonic force as well as the looters began to attack several worlds again, the federal special forces have been equipped with this silent and efficient killer.


The B.O.S.C.O is a highly accurate sniper rifle that can drop light-armored enemies with ease at long ranges. Equipped with a suppressor, it makes the shooter in cover almost undetectable at long range and can help considerably with stealthy play. Although it doesn't have armor-piercing attributes, players can easily pick off medium-armored enemies with 2-3 shots to the head in quick succession without alerting anyone else. However, it is not recommended for use against heavily-armored enemies. Of course like any sniper rifle, it is not suited for use in close range combat.

Overall, it is one of the main candidates for a main weapon early in the game. It's precision is somewhat better than the beginning assault rifles and it has much better ammo capacity/endurance than the other sniper rifle. Carrying it together with dual pistols or a smg for close-in work is a solid choice for starters.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "B.O.S.C.O" could be a reference to a standup of Richard Jeni in which a neurotic character named "Bob" says "I have an imaginary friend named Bosco." and a schizophrenic character named Sally responds "YOU KNOW BOSCO?!"