BK 13 (Dual)
Pic bk13
Weapon TypeLight Handgun
Caliber0.45 ACP
RecoilAverage Recoil
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyAverage
Rate of fireFast

Dual w/ Katana
Large Magazine

Space Occupied2x3


The BK 13 pistols are the first weapons the player will encounter that are capable of being wielded with a sword. The guns have a large magazine capacity compared to other pistols and deal modest damage, good against most infantry but ineffective against vehicles and armored targets. One cannot aim down the sights of the BK 13 as it is always wielded akimbo or alongside a sword, making accuracy average at best.

The primary mode is semi-automatic, with the guns firing single shots in alternating succession. The secondary mode allows simultaneous, fully automatic fire at the expense of further decreased accuracy.

The BK 13 is the only weapon that can be dual-wielded with the Damocles.


"This automatic pistol was still being used by official forces such as private corporate armies even before its large-scale reintroduction. Massively built during the Dark Ages, this weapon, with an infernal rate of fire, has proven itself to be an excellent and reliable handgun. Its low recoil, its lightness and its large magazine seduced many warriors from all ages.

The BK13 is currently the standard pistol used by the federal military and police forces, as the Metastreumonic force terrorizes the whole federal territory. Many criminals still like this weapon, that's why you generally meet its bullets each time you meet punks and other looters..."


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The BK13 pistols are almost identical in design to the Auto 9 Beretta used by Robocop, only slightly less elongated, and sporting a red stripe. Also worth noting is that the character Robocable from the Robocop miniseries Robocop: Prime Directives, dual wields Robocop's Auto 9, and the BK 13 is also a dual wielded weapon