Betty Boom
Pic betty
Weapon TypeSawed-Off Shotgun
CaliberGauge 12
RecoilVery Heavy
Firing ModesShot per Shot
Double Shot
Expected AccuracyVery Low
Rate of fireSlow
# of clips / slot6
Space Occupied2x3

The Betty Boom is a double-barrel shotgun with break-action loading. Since patch 1.3, it is the only weapon to have multiple clips per ammo item.


The now sadly-defunct manufacturer of the Dark Ages SLM made a legendary hunting shotgun; the Bourru, and then a version with a shorter butt and barrel; the Betty Boom. This shotgun has two barrels shooting two caliber 12 cartridge shells with an overall length of 542 mm, a barrel length of 303 mm, a weight of 2050 g and a maximun effective range of 5 m. It is often assimilated to the "little criminal" weapon, even if the Betty Boom proved to be an excellent emergency weapon.

This weapon has still not been officially reintroduced in the ranks of the Federation yet, but some federal fighters unofficially use it. It is more common among looter groups and some E.Y.E priests have developed a martial art dedicated to the use of the Betty Boom.


The Betty Boom is the lowest tier of shotgun and arguably the worst. It is outclassed by the Depezador in almost every way except in weight and size, in which it marginally wins out since it fits in a 3x2 leg space.

The only other redeeming feature of the Betty Boom is its alternative fire mode which will fire both barrels at the same time, inflicting double the damage. However, since its damage is lower than the other shotguns to begin with, coupled with its low clip size, the Depezador will out damage it in any engagement longer than a single shot.

The Betty Boom does not have extractors on cock, thus allowing a partial reload without disposing the unspent shell. This gives the Betty Boom added reload management.


  • It is impossible to carry more than 60 clips of ammo for the Betty Boom, a total of 10 'items'. If any more are put into the inventory, they will disappear.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon history mentions EYE Operatives developing a martial art style around the Betty Boom, possibly implying this weapon was meant to be dual wielded with a wakizashi and or Damocles.