Black Crow
Pic blackcrow
Weapon TypeHandgun
Caliber0.50 BC
RecoilHeavy Recoil
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyGood
Rate of fireAverage

Wall Piercing
Fast Reload

Space Occupied2x2


The Black Crow is a metallic black pistol with a distinctive yellow "cross" design along the side of the weapon. It is the very first firearm a player will have access to during the campaign. It is lightweight, takes up little room in the inventory, and has fairly good power and accuracy allowing it to be a viable weapon against most standard infantry. The weapon is, however, not at all effective against heavily armored targets and cannot be dual-wielded with a sword.


"The Black Crow was first conceived to counter Croon's heavy pistols. This weapon, coming from the Dark Ages, has been used by mercenaries, bandits, rebels and bounty-hunters alike for a long time. Its firepower and fast rate of fire let it quickly reach the level of other weapons of the same category. Its low production count makes it a very rare and coveted weapon. Before its reintroduction in the conflict against the Metastreumonic force, this weapon was only used by experts.

The Black Crow is currently being used by federal special forces and shock troops, but also by warriors of E.Y.E, without counting organized criminal groups such as the Syndicate, the Black Dragons or the Camarilla... Croon, however, is pressuring the federation to prohibit the use of all weapons designed by FKO."