CAW Hammer
Pic caw
Cost17000 B
Minimum Requirement44 Strength
55 Agility
59 Endurance
Weapon TypeAutomatic Shotgun
CaliberGauge 10
Firing ModesAutomatic
Expected AccuracyMedium
Rate of fireFast
Damages38-54 per G

High Damage
Wall Piercing

Space Occupied2x4

The CAW Hammer (Close Assault Weapon) is a 10-gauge automatic shotgun designed as a combat shotgun.


Taking advantage from SLM's sudden bankruptcy, leader of the shotgun market, and its soon-to-come closure during the Dark Ages, Vindico created the Caw Hammer, a highly-reliable automatic shotgun with an incredible fire power, in an attempt to take over SLM's reputation. This automatic 10-caliber with an overall length of 787 mm, a barrel length of 525 mm, a weight of 5570 g and a maximun effective range of 160 m made itself a bloody name during the Dark Ages. It has a great rate of fire, but a small magazine.

Like every other shotgun built during this period, its life-span was rather short despite its fame. However, since the Metastreumonic force began to strike, it found a new existence thanks to the Federation and some looter groups. Its use is more marginal among E.Y.E.


The CAW Hammer is a fully automatic shotgun. It does more damage per shot and can fire faster than other shotguns, potentially making it fearsome in a limited, close range fight. Like most shotguns, the CAW Hammer is best at short range, potentially dealing significant damage to a small group of unarmored enemies.

Despite its higher rate of fire and increased damage per shot, the CAW Hammer doesn't dramatically out perform the Depezador in ability to kill enemies, somewhat due to the lower accuracy. The smaller clip size can make it impractical for long fire fights.


  • The CAW Hammer clip is listed in-game as 12 rounds, but the weapon only fits ten.

Behind the scenes=Edit

  • The name "CAW Hammer" is likely inspired by the H&K CAWS and the Pancor Jackhammer, two fully automatic shotguns created during the 1980s that never reach mass production.
    • The H&K CAWS is a recoil-operated and bullpup-configuration shotgun prototype designed to fire high-impulse shotshells using tungsten buckshot or flechettes with an effective range of 100–150 meters and a 10 round box magazine. It never reached production due to the cancellation of the CAWS project by the US.
    • The Pancor Jackhammer is a gas-operated automatic shotgun prototype that failed to reach full-fledged production due to its manufacturer's bankruptcy. Only two functional prototypes, according to some reports, were ever made.