Spoilers are pieces of information contained both in written and verbal communication regarding the plot of a game, story, book or any such thing that the receiver has not taken time to complete/comprehend just yet.

The general idea of spoilers is to get rid of them so that one doesn't ruin an experience for others. For example, if I were to describe to you the ending of a book you just started, that would ruin the book for you.

Spoilers are the very reason the E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Wiki ask that you be very careful when you write about, for example, the plot or any research items that other people may not yet have discovered. This means that we will do all that is in our power attempting to ensure that people who are new to E.Y.E get only the information they need or want and not some major ammount of complex explanations on how stuff works.

This article contains plot Spoilers wich might ruin certain details of the story to certain players.

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