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The character menu as seen in-game.

The character menu lets you access your stats. To open the menu press the Character key ("B" by default).

There are 8 primary statistics and 4 main derived statistics in E.Ψ.Ǝ: Divine Cybermancy.

Depending on how you allocate points to your skills, your Class may change.

Primary statistics:

Strength - Affects carry weight and melee damage.

Endurance - Affects health and stamina depletion rate (Stamina is used for PSI abilities, implants, sprinting, and jumping).

Agility - Affects movement speed and melee attack speed.

Accuracy - Affects accuracy with firearms and increases chance to make enemies bleed when hit.

PSI force - Used for PSI powers and resistance.

Hacking - Used to hack people/security and to resist attempts on yourself. Also increases the max hacking range.

Medicine - Affects medkit strength and recharge, and the amount of health healed by maintenance.

Mental balance - Used to resist insanity effects.

Derived statistics:

Critical - Chance to cause a critical hit.

Superhuman reflex - Chance to dodge attacks (except explosions).

Health - The amount of physical damage your character can take before falling into a coma.

Karma - Character's overall "karma". It affects some things, like chance of being afflicted with fatal wounds upon defeat, for example. It changes according to character's good and bad actions.