At character creation, the player is given a choice of three gene slots. There are the same nine choices for each gene slot and each choice comes with its own bonuses and maluses (penalties) to its associated stats. The nine choices are as follows:

BINAH This gene represents the concrete thinking, the intelligence.

  • Medium bonus : Hacking, Medicine, Mental Balance.
    * Low malus : Strength, Endurance.

YESOD This gene represents the vital dash, the physical strength, the basis.

  • Medium Bonus : Strength, Endurance.
    * Low malus : Hacking, Medicine

NETZAH This gene represents the sense, the grace, the fluidity.

  • Medium bonus : Accuracy, Agility.
    * Low malus : Strength, Endurance.

TIPHERETH This gene represents the equilibrium, the consciousness.

  • Medium bonus : PSI force, Mental balance.
    * Low malus : Accuracy, Hacking.

GUEBURAH This gene represents the power.

  • High bonus : Strength, Endurance , Agility.
    * High malus: Medicine, Hacking, Mental balance.

KETHER This gene represents the absolute will.

  • High bonus : Psiforce, Endurance, Agility.
    * High malus : Medicine, Accuracy, Mental balance.

HOCHMAH This gene represents the abstract thinking.

  • High bonus: Accuracy , Medicine, Hacking.
    * Low malus : Strength, Psiforce, Endurance.

METASTREUM This gene represents the intoxicating chaos of the metastreumonic force.

  • Very high bonus and malus: All characteristics.

NORMAL This gene represents the absence of choice, the doubt, the non-involvement.

  • Very low bonus and malus: All characteristics.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the genes, except for Metastreum and Normal, seem to be based off of the ten sephirot of the kabbalistic Tree of Life
    • Binah, representing "Understanding"
    • Yesod, representing "Foundation"
    • Netzah, representing "Victory/Perpetuation"
    • Tiphereth, representing "Balance/Spirituality"
    • Gueburah, representing "Strength/Wrath"
    • Kether, representing "The Crown/Emptiness"
    • Hochmah, representing "Wisdom"
  • However, it is possible that Normal is based off of Malkuth, the sephirot of "Humility". Metastreum may also be based off of Qliphoth, the Tree of Death.