Pic damocles
Weapon TypeMelee

High Damage
Armor Piercing
Dual w/ Handgun (Dual BK13)

Space Occupied1x5

The Damocles is a one/two handed energy sword using a distortion field created by a generator.


This long one/two handed energy sword with an overall length of 1950 mm and a weight of 15500 g is made exclusively by the Holy Forge, even if it has been often reproduced by other weapon-manufacturers since then. A distortion field created by a generator commonly placed on the handler travels through the blade, the energy is driven to the blade by small conductors sometimes located inside the weapon, and sometimes outside. When the blade touches something, and if the owner activates it, the distortion field's shock waves pass through the blade in order to penetrate and tear the target apart.

This weapon is often used as a standard close-combat weapon for federal officers, however it is also very popular among looter chiefs. The Secreta Secretorum uses it especially during ceremonies, even though many soldiers of E.Y.E enjoy it for its efficiency in combat. The only let-down of this powerful sword is its loud noise and the light the distortion field produces when the blade hits its target.


The Damocles is far larger than the katana in both mass and length, with a more technological appearance. Hitting an enemy with the blade causes the enemy to explode, and occasionally burst into flame or fly away in chunks. When charged by holding down the left mouse button, the Damocles takes a green aura which does critical damage.


  • As with all melee weapons, holding down the right mouse button create a PSI shield to block both enemy melee attacks and bullets at the cost of energy.
  • Attacking an unaware target from behind will result in a "backstab" which will instantly kill the target.
  • The Damocles can be duel-wielded with the Dual BK13.
  • It is possible to block with the sword while dual wielding with the Dual BK13 by pressing the Secondary Attack while backpedaling.

Behind the scenesEdit