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Dragon's Breath is the most expensive of the psi powers available for purchase, both in monetary cost and energy cost. This ability will allow you to instantly teleport to your target's location and killing it immediately provided that you overcome your target's Psionic Resistance. A higher Psi-Energy attribute increases the likelihood that you will penetrate your opponent's resistance.

You do not need to have vision of your target in order to successfully use Dragon's Breath, although you cannot affect targets through walls or other obstacles that would completely block vision. Specifically, you must have your aiming reticule somewhere on the target's body in order for Dragon's Breath to trigger. If you activate Dragon's Breath and there is no valid target under your crosshair, it will still consume energy and nothing will happen. This can make it very risky to blindly use this ability without having full vision of your target.

Dragon's Breath is very useful in campaign missions that contain very large areas, particularly Noctis Labyrinthus, where the player can teleport up to the high ground, walk to Looters' Cave, then turn around and Dragon down to the portal near the Deus Ex Machina in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.