Dream Sequence

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"Where am I? This weird dream again, déjà vu!"

The Dream Sequence is a strange dimension where dreams and reality intersect.


Every time the player dies or left the game and resume the main story, it will always re-appear in the Dream Sequence.

If you step beyond the portal, the story will start or resumes at the chapter and the mission where you stopped if you already have a character.



  • Strangely, the Mentor's body can be found next to the portal and Rimanah's body can be found on the right side of the map. 
  • A curious character named Mysterious appears only when you die and then re-appear in the Dream Sequence, or when you complete the main campaign in any way, together with the Mentor (to his right), and Rimanah (to his left) standing in front of the player.
  • If you try to get away from the area without using the big green portal by going to either edge of the map, you will lose energy.