Pic excidium
Cost45999 B
Minimum Requirement60 Strength
66 Accuracy
40 Agility
42 Endurance
Weapon TypeAssault Cannon
Caliber40 mm
Firing ModesShot Per Shot
Expected AccuracyVery Good
Rate of fireSlow
Damages300-370 +area

High Damage
Area Damage
Armor Piercing
Wall Piercing

# of clips / slot???
Space Occupied3x5

The Excidium, nicknamed the "Monster", is a 40mm heavy assault canon using explosive ammo.


They have created a monster !", these were the words of the patriarch and boss of the regretted Mega Corporation AyAette when Vindico, around the beginning of the Technological Middle Age, took the head office of the company by force, testing at the same time this powerful assault canon. This extremely potent weapon with an overall length of 1570 mm, a barrel length of 1125 mm, a weight of 15000 g and a maximun effective range of 3000 m proved to be usable even by an un-motorized infantry unit. It was the first time a weapon with such a caliber and power was used that way.

Several conflicts confirmed the utter power of this weapon, until the day when the issue n°21 in the Ion-Portable Canons was fixed, making this weapon obsolete as the plasma canons performance was rejuvenated. Nevertheless, during these confused times, the Excidium makes an explosive come-back, demonstrating why it is nicknamed the "Monster".


The Excidium is a powerful armor-piercing explosive projectile launcher equipped with a zoom. It has good accuracy, a large area of effect, makes damage in all parts of body and it is able to devastating almost any enemy in one round from a good range. It is greatly effective against hordes of enemies and can be used for indirect fire over a considerable distance. It is one of few non-sniper rifle weapons that has access to a second zoom, which will highlight most enemies as if you were using cyber-eyes.

However, the Excidium has a low rate of fire, a 5 round-magazine, and it is fairly heavy like its magazines who add +4% for each. Also, due to the risk to get a direct hit in close-range, it is better to use other weapons in small areas.


  • This weapon requires that the player has researched the Excidium item.
  • By using the Dermal Sheath implant, the damage you take after being hit by your Excidium are considerably reduced and makes the Excidium a valuable weapon in close-range.


  • "Excidium" is a Latin word meaning "destruction".

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