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A Fatal Wound is a type of debuff that has a chance of being inflicted to a character upon death. The less Karma a character has, the greater the chances of a Fatal Wound being inflicted. Theses wounds reduce some of your stats permanently, depending on the type of wound. There are ways to reverse, and even prevent, the wound, but there are several bugs present in the current version of the game that prevent some of the methods from working correctly.

Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Bioregeneration cure and prevent their respective Fatal Wound.

  • Gen 1 Bioregeneration will cure and prevent the "Crippled" Fatal Wound.
  • Gen 2 Bioregeneration will cure and prevent the "Irreversible Lessions" Fatal Wound.
  • Gen 3 Bioregeneration will cure and prevent the "Mutilations" Fatal Wound.
  • Gen 4 Bioregeneration will cure and should prevent the "Commotion" Fatal Wound.*
  • Gen 5 Bioregeneration will cure and should prevent the "Head Trauma" Fatal Wound.*
  • In the current version (v1.0), only the Gen1/2/3 Bioregeneration are working properly. The Gen4/5 Bioregeneration only cures their respective Fatal Wound, but will not actually prevent the wound from occuring in the first place.
  • v1.3; Bugs are now fixed

Fatal Wounds TypesEdit

There are five types of fatal wounds, increasing in severity the lower down the scale it is:

Curing Fatal WoundsEdit

Fatal wounds can be cured and prevented through research, more specifically researching bioregeneration 1 through 5 as laid out above. These have some prerequisites however, are pretty expensive and it can sometimes be hard to find all the necessary research items.

Refer to Research_Tree for specifics.

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