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The Federation is a totalitarian regime that rules all human populated worlds with an iron fist. During game-play the player will encounter their corrupt police force that is issued with subduing the populace and pacifying any Secreta Secretorum officials and Looters members they come across. In more dangerous locations the player will even encounter, and then have to fight, The Federation's Military.


The Federation is widely despised and is the primary target of the Secreta Secretorum and E.Y.E, at least "publically" for the last few decades. Whilst E.Y.E is attempting to overtake the system-wide government,in a coup ordered by the Secreta Secretorum, the two factions within E.Y.E, the Culter Dei and Jian Shang Di, suffer from constant infighting. Often fighting each other almost,if not more, as much as they do the federation itself.


Federal police typically wear long black trench coats and helmets that completely cover their face with orange glowing eyes (a simple police officer may simply wear a mask that covers the lower portion of their face), and carry any number of firearms, with snipers often using helm-mounted lasers.

Federal military wear an armor that is standardized and easy to tell apart from the Secreta agents and Looters, with orange eyes and grey to black metallic plating covering most of their body. Whilst using many other weapons they can also use a unique weapon that fires a powerful explosive projectile, prefaced by a green targeting laser. The projectile moves at a high speed and explodes in a blinding flash of light.

Notable membersEdit


  • Both the laser and the explosive launcher used by the federal forces can't be used by the player.