HS 010
Pic hs010
Weapon TypeSubmachine Gun
Firing ModesFull Auto
Fuller Auto
Expected AccuracyBad
Rate of fireVery Fast

High RoF
Large Magazine

Space Occupied2x3


The HS 010 is one of the fastest firing guns in the game, its primary mode capable of firing a hail of bullets at a rate second only to the Sulfatum, and its secondary mode increasing the rate of fire even further. Complementing this is an enormous ammo capacity that allows one to do quite a lot of shooting between reloads.

However, the downside of this is that the accuracy of the gun is relatively poor at any distance beyond close range, though the gun remains viable at medium range due to the sheer amount of bullets it can fire. The gun also deals relatively low damage, making it a poor choice against armored targets.


"This sub-machine gun bearing the signature of Croon, and built during the Dark Ages, is well known for its incredible rate of fire for a weapon belonging to its category. With its three rotating barrels, it creates a real hard rain of high-velocity projectiles. Even though its rate of fire and recoil relationship seems to be very good, it's actually not the case for its accuracy. Its secondary firing mode is still a fable for everyone: the well-known high-speed doubling the rate of fire, but also damaging the weapon at an alarming rate.

Since its creation, this weapon has equipped the main private corporate armies, but also every rebel and terrorist groups, without counting organized criminal groups such as the Syndicate, the Black Dragons or the Camarilla... After its recent reintroduction, this weapon could be seen in the hands of the federal police, but also in the hands of some looter groups. It has been said that some federal special forces soldiers also deeply love this weapon."