Hunting Machine
Pic hunting
Cost44420 B
Minimum Requirement44 Strength
50 Agility
70 Accuracy
44 Endurance
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Caliber444 DK
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyVery Good
Rate of fireSlow
ZoomTactical Sight

High Damage
Armor Piercing
Wall Piercing

Space Occupied2x4


The Hunting Machine is a automatic sniper rifle with armor piercing capability. It features excellent damage and accuracy at the expense of heavy weight and a slow firing rate (albeit significantly faster than the TRK A.D without sacrificing stopping power). It is the only sniper rifle without access to a target highlighting secondary zoom, and instead uses a reflex sight. This further emphasizes its specialization at closer ranges.


"This strange weapon, with its origins unknown, is a very rare weapon; almost as rare as the 444 Bear Killer. The 444 would be the pistol version of the Hunting Machine. The name was coined by a bounty-hunter during the Dark Ages who made himself a reputation by killing an incredible number of pursued with this rifle."


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