The Interceptor is a multipurpose armed aircraft with several mounted battle turrets primarily used by E.Y.E and the Federation.


Interceptors have different capabilities and behave differently depending on the level of the player's character:

With a low character class, Interceptors fire multiple steady streams of minigun-type projectiles whenever in sight of a target. Though they fire a high volume of rounds, they are not very accurate, and must be at fairly close range in order to hit humanoid characters enough to kill them. Rather than actually "intercepting", they will tend to patrol-sweep an area and fire when passing over targets, while continuing on their way. They don't generally chase any particular character or even stop when encountering an enemy.

With a higher-level character, Interceptors gain accurate lasers and missiles, and their minigun streams become more focused, which can devastate the player. They will also hover around the player, and wait for them to emerge from hiding.

Interceptors are also heavily armored. They can be brought down with ordinary firearms though, given enough ammunition. It can take several HS10 submachine gun clips or two full minigun clips for example. It's extremely recommended to use armor piercing weapons to bring them down quickly.



Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Interceptor design was probably inspired by the HK-Aerial from the 1984 science fiction series Terminator.