Facere Mortis
Weapon TypeMelee

High RoF
Armor Piercing

Space Occupied0x0

The Facere Mortis is a high-tech katana with a strange living red reptilian eye on its hilt.


This more than strange katana with an overall length of 1420 mm, a blade length of 970 mm and a weight of 1250 g is forged by the Holy Forge in a very limited number. Each Facere Mortis is unique and has a mood that is proper to it. A mysterious reptilian eye lies on it, and seems to be alive. Very rare studies about it have shown that it has an organic nature, without being able to say more about it. The first manufacture was done so long ago no one can remember, the Secreta Secretorum is the Forge's main client for this weapon. Some rumors say that each Facere Mortis would be made out of Metastreumonic creatures' chunks, but nobody has been able to prove that.


The Facere Mortis is the default weapon of the player and cannot be unequipped. It serves essentially as a backup weapon. When charged by holding down the left mouse button, the Facere Mortis takes a red aura which does critical damage.


  • Like other melee weapons, holding down the right mouse button create a PSI shield to block both enemy melee attacks and bullets at the cost of energy, though the player can continue to block even if energy is depleted but the PSI shield will not appear.
  • Attacking an unaware target from behind will result in a "backstab" which will instantly kill the target.
  • The dual katanas acting as a separate weapon is actually this weapon wielded along with a high-tech wakizashi on the left hand.



  • The Latin words "facere" and "mortis" can be translated as "to make" and "of death" respectively.