The Metastreumonic force is a strange phenomenon shrouded in mystery. Creatures of the force are said to be created either through the negative thoughts, emotions and nature of human beings or even to simply be mutants of some sort.

They could be considered to be the "Nature of the universe" attempting to balance itself by wiping out or at least reducing humanity. A semi-coherent solider of the Culter faction who has been possessed or otherwise influenced by the force expresses that humanity deserves such treatment for nearly wiping out all animal life on our planet, and that the reckless expansionism of mankind needs to be halted.

There are vague tales of a man who obtained incredible power, and a mysterious white wolf which also represented some incredibly powerful being having battled and emerged as a single entity. Either having merged, or one having consumed the other, it is an extremely powerful creature which likely has some significance within the force.

Ultimately the sources of information on the force are often vague and occasionally contradictory. There appears to be little rhyme or reason in regards to their appearances, ranging from four armed vaguely reptilian monstrosities, to werewolves, alien-esque leaping beasts , and strangely beautiful robed women carrying firearms. The most powerful is a beast appearing strangely like a cybernetic gremlin, albeit 4 stories high and with an automatic grenade launcher for an arm.


  • The force shares a number of similarities to "the warp" and the demonic entities that reside within it in Warhammer 40K. The warp is a hellish domain beyond human comprehension comprised largely of emotion and energy.
  • Like some of the demons and their patron "emotions" some of the creatures of the metastreumonic-force could fit into categories of Warhammer 40K demons. Such as Synicle's representing Slaanesh, patron of lust and pain, the backstory of the creature in EYE carries similar themes in that the woman was the lover of a general, brutally tortured to death.