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New Eden is a megalopolis controlled by the Federation and build in the ruins of Orteosa.


Taking advantage of the general chaos and its role in the destruction of the fanatic groups, Secreta Secretorum builds a fortress on the still irradiated ruins of the old religious megalopolis of Orteosa. This reinforced megalopolis was baptized New Eden. Ten years later, the influence and the power of the mega corporations, united within the consortium, exceeded those of the Federation. Only the group remains influential and powerful. It becomes increasingly independent, going as far as founding its own army, which immediately has no equal.

New Eden won't be spared from vice and corruption; the megalopolis spirals quickly down. Crime and chaos destabilize the government in place. E.Y.E successfully stabilized the colony, at the same time gaining influence within the group. The rise in power of E.Y.E starts to worry the leaders of the group who decide soon afterwards to put E.Y.E to sleep, but not for a long. Strange events begin to occur elsewhere within the Federation.

Left and right, the dead return to the life to attack the living. Half-man, half-animal creatures start to walk the earth and strange creatures attack spaceships and the colonies, that up until now had been spared. E.Y.E is reborn, but divided into two authorities which were also divided into sections to limit its power. Its mission was again to thwart any action that they believed to be of the metastreumomic will.

Then, terrifying and huge creatures appeared and lead whole legions of the dead, beasts, and strange abominations. In a seven-years war this army decimated 70% of humanity. Then attack stopped just as mysteriously as it had started. Almost all of the federal territories were devastated, in ruin, reduced to lifeless deserts because of the chemical and nuclear attacks used to try to stop the creatures. But, strange fact, New Eden was only slightly attacked and barely worried.