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Noctis screen



Story Mode


Story Map Name


Mission Mode


Mission Map Name


Noctis Labyrinthus is a large location with constant action almost everywhere. It is the only map to feature teleporters.


  • Dutch*
  • Sentries - Friendly Sentries
  • Looter Sentries* - 2 Neutral under Looter control.
  • Scrab - Holds information about the neutral Looters' location.
  • Scrabway - Holds information about the teleporters
  • Scrabiatch* - Neutral Looter Scrab.
  • Scrabator* - Broken Scrab
  • Scrabolos* - Scrab that can be spoken to by hacking Damaged AI. It holds information about the Artifact, the Tomb and the Secreta Invasion.
  • Jaghurta* - Corrupt Federal Soldier that invites the player to join the Federation.
  • Iahel* - A Federal Colonel who is the target of an Elimination mission.
  • King - The King of the Tomb.
  • Manakel* - Neutral Looter
  • Isaak* - Neutral Looter
  • Christobaldo* - Neutral Looter
  • Lebowsky* - Neutral Looter


*Story Mode Only
**Mission Mode Only

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