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For the powers associated with PSI force, see PSI powers

PSI is one of eight primary statistics in E.Y.E. Raising PSI by one point has several small effects. For each point PSI force is raised, PSI power damage is raised by .2, the chance for Madness bonus is raised by 1 percent, the chance for Dragon bonus is raised by 1 percent, the chance for Invocation bonus is raised by 1 percent, the HP for Transmutation's clone is raised by 2, the amount of clones produced by polycloning is raised by .05, and PSI resistance is raised by .5.

PSI force can be raised normally like any other statistic. Raising the CyberTech PSI Decuplator raises PSI force by 1.5 to a maximum bonus of 15, and PSI resistance by 2 percent, to a maximum bonus of 20.

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