Rotten Mound
Pic rotten
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Caliber7.62 x 57
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyAverage
Rate of fireAverage
ZoomHolographic Sight

High Damage
Wall Piercing

# of clips / slot3
Space Occupied2x4


The Rotten Mound is a semi-automatic assault rifle with average characteristics across the board. It is viable for most situations apart from close range firefights against large groups of foes. Despite the stat sheet listing it as having heavy recoil, the kick of each shot fired is low. This, combined with the semi-auto firing mode, can allowed a practiced user to fire at a rate such that every shot will strike their intended target.


"This very old weapon at the first glance could seem to be strange, why re-introduce a semi automatic rifle with medium power? Simply because it's one of the most reliable weapons ever created during the Dark Ages, used in more than one hundred conflicts. It has never shown a sign of weakness, with an honest accuracy and a low recoil, this is a weapon very inexpensive and terribly efficient. The federation equips its police with this old rifle to Croon's and Vindico's great displeasure."