Pic s6000
Cost6000 B
Minimum Requirement40 Agility
54 Accuracy
Weapon TypeAssault Rifle
Caliber2.5 mm AP
Firing ModesSemi-Automatic
Expected AccuracyVery Good
Rate of fireVery Fast

Wall Piercing
Large Magazine

# of clips / slot2
Space Occupied2x4


The S6000 Assault Rifle has reasonably low stat requirements and can be purchased at the Armory in the Temple HQ for a relatively low price. This assault rifle is recommended for its target highlighting scope, surgical accuracy, high fire rate, and wall piercing ammunition. However, it has low per-shot damage and you'll usually need a large burst to take any target down (unless you're going for headshots), which will drain your seemingly large 100-round magazine rather quickly, so you should prepare accordingly by bringing more ammo.

It is one of the only non-sniper weapons to posses a second zoom level, which has an inherent ability to highlight organic and some metastreumonic enemies. The zoom levels are low in magnification, helping with target spotting at medium to long ranges while maintaining situational awareness.

It features two fire modes: Semi-auto and full-auto. Semi-auto is typically used for longrange shots, as you can easily take out far away snipers. Full-auto is actually is still quite accurate, and is typically used in medium-long range firefights.


"The S6000 was Tyroll's answer to the KA93 during the Dark Ages. The first particularity of this assault rifle is its very small caliber, relying more on the impact speed rather than on the size of the projectiles. The S6000 is the assault rifle with the highest rate of fire of its category, having a very low recoil and a surgical accuracy. The detractors of the S6000 prefer the KA93 for its power. The S6000 was quickly forgotten but is now being reintroduced, especially in federal special forces."


  • The S6000 Assault Rifle may have been inspired by the actual FN F2000 Assault Rifle. The S6000 and the F2000 Tactical (which includes the Picatinny rail) look remarkably similar.


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