Secreta Secretorum


Group of megacorporations
Founder, financial and ruler of E.Y.E
Federation's investigator (formerly)





Secreta Secretorum is an old secret organization composed of megacorporations that finance and directs E.Y.Ǝ, a secretive group of elite psi-cybernetic warriors. They are desirous to steal power from the Federation with the help of E.Y.Ǝ.



It is not known when Secreta Secretorum was founded, but it was during the Dark Ages former to 2116 at the same time as the first Martian colony.

During the first incident with the Metastreumonic-force in the Elato forest, the Federation called Secreta Secretorum to take care of this issue. For the Federation, this new force was the same one which had been so destructive during the disastrous report of the Croon incident, but very quickly Secreta Secretorum proved that this Force hadn't any resemblance with the one that the Federation so dreaded. As soon as Secreta Secretorum was in place, the mysterious Force that Secreta Secretorum called the "Metastreumomic" will sent a messenger. This messenger was captured, studied and killed. In the official report, the creature attacked first using its messenger status to surprise the Secreta Secretorum's members. Then Secreta and the Federation army jointly launched a raid into the forest to purify it.

But the raid was a failure, no one survived and the zone was declared forbidden. Soon later Secreta Secretorum introduced the E.Y.E project to create an army of warrior monks, with one major specification; the messenger's DNA was used to create a legion of 1100 soldiers. Each member of E.Y.E was also cybernetic with next-generation technology. The first aim of E.Y.E was to avert all actions of the metastreumomic will. To reach this goal, E.Y.E, along with elite soldiers of the army, launched a new raid to pacify the forest that met with rapid success.

This action had other less happy consequences. The powerful group of fanatics radicalized their action and launched reprisal action by simultaneously launching several old nuclear missiles all across the Federation. The many planets and areas that were saved owe their lives to the good work of the federal information services. The shock was terrible for the population who demanded revenge. Secreta Secretorum gave E.Y.E the responsibility of pacifying the fanatics. With Federation agreement, the cleaning operation was met with rapid success.

Rise to powerEdit

Taking advantage of the general chaos and its role in the destruction of the fanatic groups, Secreta Secretorum builds a fortress on the still irradiated ruins of the old religious megalopolis of Orteosa. This reinforced megalopolis was baptized New Eden. Ten years later, the influence and the power of the mega corporations, united within the consortium, exceeded those of the Federation. Only Secreta Secretorum remains influential and powerful. It becomes increasingly independent, going as far as founding its own army, which immediately has no equal.

Several years later after the seven-years war against the Metastreumonic-force that decimated 70% of humanity, Secreta Secretorum, taking full account of the Federation's coercive measures, decides to attempt a coup d'état. E.Y.E troops stand at the ready, rallied to win by desperation to get out from under federal rule. It's in this chaos that the creatures of the metastreumomic will reappear, launching fast and devastating attacks over all of the Federation, including New Eden.

The Federation hardened the laws prohibiting access to high-end war equipment such as the energy weapons. The whole market is in shortage. Secreta Secretorum launches its own research programs to counter it. E.Y.E is in its worst possible position. Officially, the structure no longer exists. Covertly, it takes actions through Secreta Secretorum to fight the Metastreumonic force, but the enemies of the group as well. E.Y.E is still divided into two groups, Culter Dei and Jian Shang Di which with time, become rivals and hostile one towards each other. The equipment difficulties that both groups share are undoubtedly not foreign to these tensions. By the Year 15 (2395 in the old era), the invasion by the Metastreumonic force increases each day, and the war against the Federation ravages whole worlds every second.

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