Pic sulfatum
Weapon TypeMinigun
Firing ModesAutomatic
Expected AccuracyBad
Rate of fireVery Fast

Large Magazine

# of clips / slot1
Space Occupied3x5


The Sulfatum mini-gun features a high rate of fire and a 500 round ammo capacity. It is the first heavy weapon available to the player and will require all the space on their back to equip.

If the player has enough strength to carry the Sulfatum as well as a decent ammo reserve, the Sulfatum, with it's high damage and high accuracy, can easily become one of the if not THE most efficient weapons the player has access to, as the weapon has 500 rounds per magazine and 2 body shots are enough to kill most looters and federals early on, though it will perform very poorly against some heavily-armored targets like turrets (requiring almost a whole magazine to take down). While the weapon itself is extremely inaccurate and unwieldy when standing, it can be surprisingly accurate and controllable when crouching, allowing the player to effectively engage enemies at any range, using short bursts against targets at long range. Using the fire control ability as well as crouching eliminates the weapon's recoil entirely, allowing you to unleash the Sulfatum's devastating rate of fire of 22 rounds per second at any range without letting go of the trigger. This weapon also competes with shotguns in terms of close-range effectiveness, as it's rate of fire will shred anything that tries to get in your face and it's poor accuracy and high recoil won't matter at point-blank range. Unlike shotguns, however, it's magazine is massive and you're unlikely to need to reload during individual skirmishes.

By holding shift and pressing the right mouse button, the player can hold up the weapon defensively, blocking any bullets that hit within its area. Since the minigun is one of the largest weapons in the game, it makes a fairly effective shield.


"Was it because Croon and its auto-canon were bothering FKO that they decided to create the mighty Sulfatum during the Dark Ages? This weapon, with its inconceivable rate of fire, makes bullets fly with an infernal rhythm, and with the recoil that comes with it. This kind of weapons could only be found on top of vehicles in the past, before the Sulfatum was made especially for infantry purposes.

Indoubtedly worthy of its name "Minigun", this weapon is now a real fashion among federal shock troops. Its three rotating barrels and its particular noise gave it a nice little nickname, the "Sander Triangle."