Pic trk
Weapon TypeSniper Rifle
Caliber.50 AD
RecoilVery Heavy Recoil
Firing ModesShot Per Shot
Expected AccuracyExcellent
Rate of fireVery Slow

High Damage
Wall Piercing
Armor Piercing

Space Occupied2x5

The TRK A.D is a powerful 0.50 AD long range semi-automatic sniper rifle.


The TRK A.D was created with the purpose of combining a powerful sniper rifle and a plating-piercing weapon. These objectives have been reached with great success, as the TRK was probably the most powerful firearm the Dark Ages ever known, with an overall length of 1500 mm, a barrel length of 1002 mm, a weight of 12900 g and a maximum effective range of 2500 m. Its low rate of fire didn't discourage long-distance-firing amateurs, because of its great power and its very high accuracy. Some assassins currently use it, but it is more common to find it among heavy federal shock troops, as their reinforced armor can absorb the high recoil with ease.


Powerful and accurate, the TRK A.D can kill many enemies in a single shot. Even the mighty Deus Ex can fall to a pair of long range headshots from the TRK. While powerful, the TRK is large and heavy, with a small magazine and a long aiming time. Even the ammo on the TRK is heavy, limiting how much can be carried, possibly leading to ammo shortages or limiting other gear carried.

Common mistakes with this rifle are shooting too quickly or without zooming in, which mostly results in a miss. Because of the small magazine, wasted shots often result in complete vulnerability while reloading. As the first weapon available with the Armor Piercing attribute, the TRK can be used as an effective anti-vehicle weapon in addition to a sniper rifle, making it valuable against Interceptors, Scrabouillors or Sentries.


  • Among the Deus Ex, most of the pillars of Culter Dei will not die with a single headshot. Other targets that cannot be killed with one shot are Interceptors, commander Rimanah and Huan Lo Pan. Any of these targets may still be killed using 2 or 3 hits maximum, although they must be directed toward critical areas (head or stomach for humans, cockpit or engines for an aircraft).